A Concise Relationship Approach to Communicate Your Expertise, Authenticity and Difference on Your Companies Website

Speaker Daron Powers, outlines a step-by-step strategy for developing Internet video to shorten your new client acquisition cycle, build a credible connection with prospects including techniques for producing videos to showcase you and/or your companies knowledge and expertise. This fast paced presentation covers…

  1. How to Keep Your Online Video Simple, Believable and Engaging to Viewers

  2. Bad Video: How to Overcome Common Mistakes That Bore Viewers and Send Them Packing to Your Competitor

  3. Marketing: How to develop an effective script that is authentic and positions your service or company as competent experts

  4. Preparation: How to Instantly Put Yourself and/or Your Online Viewers at Ease

  5. Why Fast Moving Graphics and Complex Animation are not Always Better

  6. Three Critical Things to Avoid When Hiring A Professional to Develop Your Marketing for Online Video

Ideal Audience? Professionals, business owners, C-Level executives ready to transform a static website of chiefly printed words, images or flash, to more engaging and educational online video for more profile clicks, calls and website visits.

This topic is available as a keynote presentation or seminar.

Other topics available on sales and marketing. Please contact.

Daron Powers has decades of practical experience consulting and speaking to professionals, small, mid-sized and fortune 500 companies all across America including clients such as Ford, GM, Toyota, International, H&R Block, ADP, BI Worldwide, Pulte Homes, Lennar Homes, IRS, etc.

Today his practice is chiefly in the Detroit Metro area where he collaborates with professionals, athletes, business owners, C-level executives and companies to create or refine marketing strategy/plans, content for websites, article writing, online videos, web marketing, sales presentations and practical selling tools, etc.

As an author his portfolio includes numerous workshops, seminars, articles, reports, including a comprehensive book and audio programs on topics of sales and marketing.

Daron is a business graduate of Eastern Michigan University, holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a Brown Belt in Aikido and is an Honorable Veteran of the United States Air Force.

Email: info@OnlineVideoPower.com.     Phone: 248-470-8379

Fortune 500
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Professional Speaker For Your Next Event

“During his presentation at Revenue North Business Growth Summit, Daron effectively communicated that video marketing is much more than the simple act of filming. Its success hinges on the relevant content, clear delivery, and authenticity that resonate throughout the video.

I was very surprised to learn that 60% of search traffic is comprised of online videos. That statistic should propel every business to think more critically about their online marketing efforts and reach out to experts like Daron Powers.

We would like you to come in and present your marketing and online video services to our executives”

                        Allison LaRose

                        Marketing Administrator

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